Let's Talk

So you've explored my portfolio and made the executive decision that we should work together – great! After filling out the design request form on the contact page here we will begin the initial discussion on your needs, dates, vision, and budget.


You've hired a genius 

(now you must pay her)

After we've discovered your needs and wants, I will create a quote for the project. Once the scope of work and quote is confirmed, I'll send you an invoice for 50% deposit to secure your project in queue, the remaining amount will be due after the project is completed. 


 Research,  Research, &  Research  

On to the fun stuff. After we've settled on our scope, I will ask you to create a inspirational board for your brand on Pinterest. On this board you will post any and everything that reminds you of your brand, this includes: fonts, photographs, colors, and websites. After creating this board I will create a smaller mood board in order to narrow down your ideas we'll keep this board as a reference to your brands core values. Speaking of core values, I will also send you a detailed client questionnaire, this form will give us both a deeper insight into what you want out of this design, and you're values. From here I'll start creating your design strategy.


Now I work 

Once the design strategy is in place, the design starts! I'll begin creating sketches and give you a first round of options. Depending on the project, the deliverable may be different (for most branding options I start with the color palette. After creating options I will present for feedback, we'll work back and forth until we've developed your final design. Please note that most packages come with two rounds of revisions until overtime fees are processed. We will continue this process until each element for your design is finished. 


Talk & Change

This phase is simple, after creating the final designs I will open the floor for any last revisions and discussions. 


Finalize & Deliver

(now you must pay her...again)

We're done! Once we've approved the final designs, I will prep all elements for delivery and immediate use. Delivery will also include a style guide that informs you on how to use these elements. At this point I will invoice you for the last 50% of the project, all materials will be help until payment is received.